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If you have children and are pursuing a divorce, you will want to work with an experienced visitation lawyer or visitation attorney because trained and experienced visitation lawyers know how to navigate all of the issues involved in child custody visitation issues and can advocate for you to ensure you obtain the best possible child support and visitation rights.


No divorce is ever straightforward, and when you ad in to the mix the often thorny and highly emotional issues connected to child support and visitation, visitation rights for fathers, non custodial parent rights, supervised visitation rights and other issues that must be decided under state child visitation guidelines, the process gets much more complicated.


Keep in mind that the rules pertaining to child visitation laws are are decided state-by-state, so what is applicable here in Long Island, Suffolk county, Nassau County or Huntington NY may differ greatly in other parts of the country. Our team of highly experienced child visitation lawyers are prepared to walk you through all of the possible scenarios you may encounter when filing for child visitation.


Child Visitation and Custody, Fathers Rights, Grandparents Rights


The law offices of Scott A. Felicetti can work with you to carefully and effectively to craft a visitation schedule to present to your spouse’s visitation attorney to help ease the level of emotions that so often accompany divorce and custody cases. We are sensitive and understand how to manage the issues that arise and what is needed to help get the two of you and your children on the road to a consistent post-divorce child visitation schedule.


Let an experienced visitation lawyer or visitation attorney handle this most difficult aspect of divorce and know that, when you put your children’s future and your time schedule in the hands of experienced visitation lawyers you will be doing what is best for all of you.

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