Equitable Distribution Of Assets

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Let a qualified asset attorney or asset divorce lawyer help you if you are in the middle of a divorce or just getting started, because with the help of a qualified and fully knowledgeable asset distribution attorney you can navigate the thorny issue of dividing your marital assets and achieving nothing short of an equitable distribution of assets in your divorce settlement agreement.


One of the first questions you will have when facing a divorce is, “what is going to happen my financial future?” Unless your case involves a child custody matter, the distribution of marital property is often your next most important concern. We at the Law Offices of Scott A. Felicetti strive to protect our client’s rights in property division cases regarding the following:


  • marital homes
  • business interests including family businesses and partnerships
  • professional licenses and degrees
  • professional practices such as a medical, dental and accounting practices
  • real property
  • pensions
  • retirement accounts
  • 401k
  • bank accounts
  • stocks, bonds and securities accounts
  • vacation properties
  • vehicles
  • jewelry
  • artwork, antiques and collectibles


The divorce process is never simple, regardless of whether you and your spouse have already come to a pre-divorce agreement on, equitable distribution or divorce marital Property. The marital property laws in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Huntington NY concerning divorce community property, asset division in divorce, dividing marital assets, community property divorce and divorce property settlements are complicated and often difficult to navigate.


Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets in Divorce


Scott A. Felicetti is uniquely qualified to safeguard your interests with regard to high asset divorce and all financial matters. He holds a bachelor of science degree in applied economics from Hofstra University and has had years of commercial litigation experience at large New York City firms. He has handle commercial litigation cases involving tens of millions of dollars.


We specialize in cases involving asset division in divorce and all aspects of marital property law. We have been helping clients achieve favorable and permanent divorce property settlements with favorable outcomes for dividing property in divorce for years and we can do the same for you.


If you seek a qualified asset attorney or asset divorce lawyer, you have come to the right place, because we offer the skills and experience of any top-rated asset distribution attorney in the country and we are ready to help you achieve positive and favorable financial results.

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