Domestic Violence

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When it comes to issues of violence in a marriage, there is no doubt a domestic violence attorney or domestic violence lawyer is needed because, and as experienced and deeply sensitive domestic violence lawyers we can can help guide you through the emotional and often difficult process of pursing a domestic violence case.


Domestic violence is a broad term and often is associated with women and domestic violence. But, there is so much more to domestic violence law and the more you know about domestic violence, the domestic violence process and domestic violence facts the better prepared you will be in court.


What is Domestic Violence? Simply put, there are many different types of domestic violence and it can include emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect. Victims of domestic violence and those pursing domestic violence and divorce or help with other domestic violence cases can include more than just a spouse. And, it doesn’t have to involve domestic violence against women, as there are plenty of cases of domestic violence involving domestic violence against men. Domestic violence includes, children, family members, a boyfriend or girlfriend co-habitating. Domestic violence is an emotional and serious matter. Domestic violence, as well as false allegations of domestic violence, often have considerable impact on issues of child custody, visitation and support.


It is the goal of the courts to insure that no spouse or child be subjected to domestic violence. If you believe you need an Order of Protection or have been the subject of an Order of Protection and have been please contact our office to schedule and appointment to discuss your rights. We offer years of experience in this area, providing domestic violence help for clients across Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, Huntington NY.


We can counsel you as to how to seek an Order of Protection and represent you in Court for any required hearing or proceedings. We can also advise you as to your rights and options if you are the subject of an Order of Protection or domestic violence charges and can represent you in court at any hearing or proceeding regarding the allegations contained in the request for and Order of Protection.


If you have been the victim of domestic violence in any form attorney, Scott A. Felicetti, can assist you in obtaining an Order of Protection and providing you with all the information on domestic violence and domestic violence services available to you. An Order of Protection is a legally enforceable order that aids the victim of domestic violence by shielding the victim from further abuse, violence, harassment, stalking or other unwanted behavior. Generally, if an Order of Protection is violated, the abuser will face criminal arrest and charges.


Help and Information on Domestic Violence


Attorney, Scott A. Felicetti, represents individuals in Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties who are charged with domestic violence, both fabricated and otherwise. It is very difficult to face a false allegation of domestic violence because domestic violence laws and domestic violence cases are taken very very seriously by the courts. If charged with such a claim an attorney with ample experience should be obtained immediately to protect and preserve your rights.


Due to embarrassment many incidents of domestic violence go unreported. If you or a loved one has been subjected to domestic violence or you have been falsely accused of domestic violence you should contact the family law firm of Scott A. Felicetti for an immediate appointment to discuss your legal rights and the laws involving domestic violence.


If you have reason to believe you need a domestic violence attorney or domestic violence lawyer, do not delay because the only way domestic violence lawyers can help you is if you come forward, and we are ready to do this for you so that you can begin to get your life back on track and protect yourself and your family members.

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