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Divorce is never an easy matter, so whether you are in the beginning stages of a separation or divorce, or simply are not sure, you need the experience and knowledge of qualified divorce attorneys, not just divorce lawyers who want to charge you by the hour to send you e-mails, but a compassionate, knowledgeable divorce attorney who can help guide you through every intricacy of your case.


The divorce process is never pain-free and, regardless of whether you think you have grounds for divorce, are seeking Child Support, have questions concerning Child Custody laws, Child Visitation , joint legal custody, how to being the divorce process, visitation rights concerns or just need basic divorce information, we are here to help.


Our team of experts know the intricacies of Divorce Court and understand how each of the laws work in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County and Huntington NY. When you come to us we are prepared to act as your expert divorce guide, ready to answer all of your questions pertaining to family law including how to obtain a legal Separation; working through an Uncontested Divorce; no fault divorce ; issues involving Child Custody Rights and visitation; division of marital property; alimony; no fault divorce information and more.


Something to keep in mind is that Child Custody Laws are typically standard in our area however, they vary from case to case. We are here for you with the most qualified Divorce Help you can expect to receive from any Divorce Lawyers and Divorce Attorneys, whether you are already planning on Filing for Divorce, or want the advice of an expert Family Law attorney on How to File for Divorce to being the, Divorce Litigation and Divorce Process.


Emotions run high in every divorce, particularly if you and your spouse have significant division of marital property to consider. Assets such as homes, pensions, and savings are at stake. The legal and financial ramifications of divorce are complicated, complex and require the expertise of an attorney with ample experience and knowledge in handling divorce cases involving division of assets to navigate you through the storm.


Divorce and Family Law Attorney for Custody, Support, Visitation and Information
Attorney Scott A. Felicetti, Esq., can provide the necessary guidance to Nassau and Suffolk County residents facing a divorce or legal separation. If you are facing divorce it would benefit you greatly to sit down with Mr. Felicetti to discuss issues such as the grounds for divorce, the division of marital property, child custody, child support and other important issues.


Let us help you by providing you with the best answers to your questions about what is family law? Take comfort in knowing your case will be handled by the highest-qualified family law specialists who will support you throughout the entire process from your first initial questions on through to obtaining your final divorce decree.

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