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If you are preparing to search for a divorce lawyer who can provide you with the expertise and knowledge that are essential to handling the delicate and often acrimonious nuances of divorce, you need both a divorce attorney and an expert family law attorney and, if you have children, a reliable and compassionate child custody attorney.


Whether you and your spouse of 15 years recently separated after a bitter fight; or you just discovered evidence that your husband has been having an affair, your emotions may run the gamut: anger, frustration, shame, and confusion. Even contemplating a divorce or child custody battle can be intimidating and scary and we are here to offer you much much more than simple legal advice.


The laws involving divorce, alimony, child custody laws and child visitation laws, how to draft a separation agreement, even spousal support and supervised visitation for your children are clearly defined but do not always impact couples equally. The more experience the family and child custody attorney you choose to work with, the better your chances of moving through your divorce more quickly and painlessly.


When you separate from a partner — even someone who has been abusive, unfaithful, or simply emotionally absent — your basic support system is thrown out of balance. With so much at stake, not just for you but also for your children, you want compassionate, attentive and aggressive legal help. Long Island divorce attorney Scott A. Felicetti, Esq., can help you strategically lay the grounds for divorce, divide marital property, negotiate child support, and manage other critical issues.


Divorce Attorney in Nassau County and Suffolk County


Many Nassau and Suffolk County divorces are complicated by factors such as domestic violence, mental and health problems, and financial tug of wars. But even in a best case scenario, where both spouses want to settle in an amicable manner, emotional and logistical problems can emerge, seemingly out of nowhere. For instance, your spouse may suddenly try to back out of an arrangement you have made regarding joint legal custody, making the process of ironing out your child custody and child visitation agreements almost impossible. Or perhaps you will discover that he or she has been hiding assets or encouraging your children to “side against you.”


There are bound to be many questions on your mind as you enter the beginning stages of finding a divorce attorney, child custody lawyer and or a child support attorney, and we are ready to serve you. Our expert child support lawyers are ready to provide you with years of experienced handling every aspect of child custody and are experts in handling cases involving child custody rights pertaining to the laws in Long Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County and Huntington NY.


Our Divorce Attorneys Can Assist You in Any Divorce Related Matter




How long did the marriage last? Did one spouse commit infidelity or domestic violence? What is the nature and scope of the marital assets? Did you and your spouse sign a prenuptial agreement before you got married? Are you concerned that your spouse and you may need family law mediation to help simplify the reasons for your divorce and how you want to proceed? Do either you or your spouse have physical or mental health concerns? How many dependents do you have, and what are the natures of those relationships?


Child Custody


Who has been the primary caretaker? Has either parent been arrested and convicted of a crime? Does the child strongly prefer to be with one parent? How old are the children? What is the financial standing of each parent? How available and capable are the parents? This is an area that calls for a team of experts in handling mediation for child custody, with full knowledge of the laws involving child custody rights and father’s rights, and of course the rights of both parents.


Distribution of Assets


Family rules and divorce laws are created to help couples fairly distribute their jointly acquired property. They address many questions including how much property do you and your spouse own together, including real property, pensions, bank accounts, vehicles, jewelry, etc.? What has been your standard of living? Have you or your spouse been convicted of criminal acts, such as fraud or other white collar crimes?


Family Law Attorney for Divorce Mediation, Litigation, Child Custody and Support


Child custody attorney Scott A. Felicetti, Esq. and his team of expert family law attorneys, child custody attorneys, child visitation lawyers and child custody mediation attorneys have the experience and expertise to simplify this complex process and minimize your stress and confusion. Family law attorney Felicetti has been practicing divorce law, family law and child custody law in the Courts of New York State for over two decades. He is a member in good standing of the Nassau County Bar Association, the Suffolk County Bar Association, and the New York Trial Lawyers Association. He believes in providing a personal touch at a reasonable cost.


For a free and confidential consultation involving your divorce law questions about child visitation, what is alimony, grandparents’ rights and general concerns for our compassionate and fully knowledgeable divorce and family law attorneys, connect with the Law Offices of Scott A. Felicetti today. Review the free resources here at LongIslandDivorceLawyer.com.


Let us help you in your search for a Long Island custody lawyer and let our firm of family attorneys, because when it comes to your future and that of your children, you need the expertise and knowledge of the best divorce attorney and a child custody attorney who understands the issues involving your most precious marital asset, your children.


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